An island of green and white


Insel Hombroich, Minkel 2, 41472 Neuss (near Düsseldorf, Germany) (Entrance fee)

The Place

This collection of art, nature, culture and architecture is a well-kept secret. Take at least half a day to discover this park with minimalist constructions and art from all over the world. The pieces of art are not presented in a chronological or thematic way. They are installed so that  they seem to engage in dialogue with each other. Some works are from renowned artists, but none of them is provided with a name. There are no guards. Nature and museum merge into one. A total experience of brick, glass, art and trees. And white. Lots of white.

The Tip

A dozen of constructions are spread over the park. You have to pass through the first building when you have descended the stairs. Focus inside on the many shades of white and on the acoustics while you move along. Do the same in one of the other buildings, consisting of two circles, with a view on a buxus garden. Ask yourself in each construction what you exactly feel. Finally choose one piece of art and one building that has really stolen your heart. What’s the effect on you? How would you describe this total experience?

Pillars of happiness

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A simple meal is included in the entrance fee. Rather special but very tasty. In the central cafeteria you will easily find people to share your impressions with.