Transpiring in the twenties


Address: Herengracht 115, Amsterdam, Netherlands (Entrance fee)

The Place

In the previous century a complete Art Deco store interior was transported from Au Bon Marché in Paris to the Herengracht in Amsterdam. Nowadays this is the decor of a grand and impressive sauna complex with lots of wood, curled forging and stained glass windows. Sweating, steaming and relaxing in a setting reminiscent of a glorious past.

The Tip

Would you expect to find a reading table in the centre of a sauna? The tranquillity hormone serotonin is the counterpart of the activity hormone dopamine. It makes us feel good while enjoying a quiet, calming and intimate practice of yoga, sauna, steam bath, massage, wellness and … sleep. Take a nap. Spend some time in the patio, the lounge or at the long wooden table to leaf through a book or a magazine. And picture yourself among the rich and famous of the previous century.

Pillars of happiness

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In this nostalgic sauna you can have a massage by specialists in the Japanese pressure point massage Shiatsu. This technique has an exceptionally positive and calming influence on your nerves, muscles and veins.