The see-through cabin of the customs officer


Parking lot at the church of Varengeville-sur-mer, North of France (Free).

The Place

A romantic village on the cliffs of Normandy. In the intimate church you see warm stained glass windows of Braque. On the churchyard you find his tomb, with small mosaic tiles.

The Tip

Have a seat on the bench behind the church. On the cliff in front of you, you see a modern reconstruction of Claude Monet’s impressionist painting ‘La Cabane des Douaniers’. Walk along the narrow path towards it: at the parking lot in front of the church 100 m inland, then to the left downwards. It is no real reconstruction but an impressionist experience of colours. Listen to the wind. On your way down compare the real paintings along the road to your personal impressions. Why not draw or sketch something yourself? In your own style.

Pillars of happiness

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Maybe you can talk to other art- and nature lovers. Pay a visit to one of the most beautiful landscape gardens of France (alongside the same main road) : Bois des Moutiers (entrance fee). A sensation for all your senses while strolling along magnolias and hydrangeas, rhododendrons from the Himalayas, Chinese azaleas and Japanese maple trees, which are all thriving in the acidic soil of this carefully designed park. Plan at least two hours for this visit. The entrance of the park is closed at noon.